Monday, September 14, 2009

Serena Williams has no one to blame but herself.

This was just another case of a high-paid athlete being a freaking baby!
Serena Williams went absolutely ballistic on the line judge after said judge called a foot foul on her. Mr(s). Williams, a handsome woman, proceeded to tell the line judge that she was going to slam the ball down the judge's 'fucking throat'. She even swore to God that such an action was soon to occur.

The line judge then quasi-sprinted to the chair judge, they met, Serana bitched, and she lost a point for unsportsmanlike conduct. The point was match point, match over, begin the gnashing of teeth.

Now, Serena's actions on court were wrong, obviously, but it's her press conference that really annoyed me.

First, she said she didn't threaten the line judge. Well, where I come from, saying that one is going to stuff ones ball down another one's least, when holding a tennis ball...has never been considered a playful line. Especially when it's said by a screaming, angry, horse tranquilizer-filled (speculation/opinion/whatever) athlete.

And PLEASE don't tell me that McEnroe was the same way, we are NOT talking about McEnroe, and we can't blame George Bush for this one either!
Second, she stated during her press conference that the line judge was mistaken to think she was being threatened because Mrs. Williams had never been in a fight during her life. Accepting this as true, that's one of the more ridiculous things said by an athlete this side of Terrelle Pryor's "everyone kills people" statement. How in the world is this line judge supposed to know that Mrs. Williams has never been in a fight? Is that sort of stuff included in tennis player's bios? Are we all supposed to be aware of the ins and outs of her life off the court? Her statement is world class stupid.

Plus, do you have any doubt that Serena Williams has been in a fight before? Look at her. She could be the Worlds Champion Women Wrestler.

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  1. Great picture of her it makes her look like a man and she most likely IS a closet man.