Saturday, September 12, 2009

Joe Wilson Disrespectful? It all depends on where you are sitting.

At least he had the guts to do what others wanted to do but didn’t. The left seems to forget the booing it did in 2005 during the state of the union address. Were there any sanctions for that? They were disrespectful first now, they complain because someone else was disrespectful to their guy. Why is that they always go first? In 2000, they went to the courts first and then complained when others followed suit. During this health-care debate, they went to the fear pull-pit first–its urgent, critical, etc–then turn around and complain when groups point out their own draconian intent. It is unbelievable sometimes. As you stated so well, “It’s a lot easier to attack a rude Republican than to defend the details a complicated overhaul of our nation’s health care system.
I think that the Obamacrats seem to welcome the distraction, and the ability to have a two-minutes hate against Joe Wilson, rather than having to talk about their terrible bill.

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