Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Years Later

If someone had taken a poll on September 12, 2001 asking Americans if they believed there was any possibility that less than a decade later America would be governed by a president of Muslim descent, with a Muslim middle name, surrounded by Muslim friends and advisers, a president who sat in a house of worship in which "Goddamn America" was spewed from the pulpit, and who would support the building of a Muslim house of worship on the site of the worst terrorist attack on US soil in the history of the country, I would venture to guess that over 90% of the respondents would have answered with a resounding "No!"

Friday, August 20, 2010

So Much For The Great Uniter

The left, the progressives, Blacks who support Barry and his agenda, Socialists like Kagan and her ilk, union thugs and Americans who are just simply over-awed by Barry will be more then happy to follow the dictates of Sharia Law and do whatever it is that their Muslim overlords demand they do. Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Americans who have woke up to the threat of Islamic Sharia Law in America and who resist will be vilified, threatened, possibly jailed or beat down in the street. Any way that I look at this I'm not seeing a happy ending. For a politician who billed himself as "A Great Uniter" Barry seems to have done more damage to relations between the races, the parties, the people then any other politician in our history.