Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Tragedy of Michael Jackson

I always concede it’s possible that Jackson never sexually molested anyone. Possible. But even if he never did, the way he carried out his interest in children was still inappropriate. At best, he used them as props for his own therapy. That would be the best realistic interpretation. The remaining realistic interpretations go downhill from there.
Possible? Yes, but not Probable.
For sure there is something very wrong with this man. Aside from molesting children, he cheated and reneged on many of his business contracts as well. Always got a pass, people always making excuses for him. Maybe all of those people are responsible for enabling this man to become the monster inside as well as out.
that much body mutilation isn’t normal by any account.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rush's statement, "I want Obama's Policies to Fail.

I guess Rush was more in tune with Most Americans when he said he wanted Obamas Policies to fail,

Monday, June 8, 2009

American Conservatism

One reason I believe modern American conservatism, if true to its basic tenets, is better for gay people, is that it trusts the private sector to address social concerns and social change. It doesn’t ask that the government mandate that individuals adopt certain precepts to guide their lives or follow certain codes of conduct. It trusts us to do that on our own and to turn to institutions of our own choosing, whether religious or secular, to help us make important personal decisions.

We don’t believe the state should place particular burdens on us, or grant us special favors. It shouldn’t restrict our freedom nor that of those who don’t want to associate with us. After all, if they’re free not to associate with us, that means we’re free not to associate with them.

When the state gets out of the way, private institutions can more readily adapt to meet social changes, as have the growing number of businesses which have adopted non-discrimation policies and which offer benefits to same-sex domestic partners of their employees.

Liberals, however, believe that social change comes from the state. And while those advocating state action on our behalf may do so out of the most noble of motives, once the state starts acting on our behalf, when does it stop? How far must the state go to reach the oft-stated goal of gay rights’ activists–the achievement of “full equality” (whatever that means)