Friday, July 31, 2009

“Yo Mama” Gates!

If Rodney King’s dream of us “all just gettin’ along” is going to come to pass then Obama and Henry “Yo Mama” Gates, Jr. had better dial down on the insults, faux remorse and racial rhetoric aimed at us white devils. Yep, the generational wounds of discrimination will not heal with Obama calling one of our nation’s best and brightest fair-skinned cops “stupid.”

I never had white guilt. I didn't personally do anything to anyone else. Why should I take the taunts from some race that I didn't disrespect. I can say now that I don't like Obama the man and he has spanned racial hatred from blacks that will set this nation back to civil war times. Obama voters and blacks walk with attitudes and swagger that is very telling of the times. I now don't care or respect the left and Obama is definitely not the uniter he claimed to be. All the beer sit downs will not heal this. It's a done deal and Obama can take the blame.

Our racist disaster of an Attorney General, Eric Holder, was right to call America "a nation of cowards" with respect to matters of race, but not in the way he thinks. The "cowards" are the white, guilt-ridden liberals who have bowed and scraped to the race pimps at every turn, grabbing their ankles for the Jacksons, Sharptons and Obamas, groveling before the Michelles and feeling free to trash the Clarence Thomases. We're not buying it anymore, and if the The New Black Panthers want to make an issue of it and hit the streets, this time we'll be there

Thursday, July 30, 2009


In the name of stabilizing the banking system, Obama will nationalize it. Using Troubled Asset Relief Program funds to write generous checks to needy financial institutions, his administration will demand preferred stock in exchange. Preferred stock gets dividends before common stockholders do. With the massive debt these companies will owe to the government, they will only be able to afford dividends for preferred stockholders — the government, not private investors. So who will buy common stock? And the government will demand that its bills be paid before any profits that might materialize are reinvested in the financial institution, so how will the value of the stocks ever grow? Devoid of private investors, these institutions will fall ever more under government control.

Obama will begin the process by limiting executive compensation. Then he will urge restructuring and lowering of home mortgages in danger of default (as the feds have already done with Citibank).

Then will come guidance on the loans to make and government instructions on the types of enterprises to favor. God grant that some Blagojevich type is not in charge of the program, using his power to line his pockets. The United States will find itself with an economic system comparable to that of Japan, where the all-powerful bureaucracy at MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) manages the economy, often making mistakes like giving mainframe computers priority over the development of laptops.

But it is the healthcare system that will experience the most dramatic and traumatic of changes. The current debate between erecting a Medicare-like governmental single payer or channeling coverage through private insurance misses the essential point. Without a lot more doctors, nurses, clinics, equipment and hospital beds, health resources will be strained to the breaking point. The people and equipment that now serve 250 million Americans and largely neglect all but the emergency needs of the other 50 million will now have to serve everyone. And, as government imposes ever more Draconian price controls and income limits on doctors, the supply of practitioners and equipment will decline as the demand escalates. Price increases will be out of the question, so the government will impose healthcare rationing, denying the older and sicker among us the care they need and even barring them from paying for it themselves. (Rationing based on income and price will be seen as immoral.)

And Obama will move to change permanently the partisan balance in America. He will move quickly to legalize all those who have been in America for five years, albeit illegally, and to smooth their paths to citizenship and voting. He will weaken border controls in an attempt to hike the Latino vote as high as he can in order to make red states like Texas into blue states like California. By the time he is finished, Latinos and African-Americans will cast a combined 30 percent of the vote. If they go by top-heavy margins for the Democrats, as they did in 2008, it will assure Democratic domination

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh Yeah, The Democrats Supported The Prez When George Bush Was The Prez!

Let's take the Wayback Machine back to 2003, when the current Secretary of State told her audience about dissent (strange, there was no YouTube video) in 2003:

"I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, 'We are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration'"

And let's take the Wayback Machine to Inauguration day 2001, what did Democrat partisans do? They protested before President Bush ascended to the office. This line really gets me:

"...protesters who hurled insults, bottles, tomatoes and an egg."

And before you say boo, tell me are bottles safe to throw at people? What if they miss? When the time came to put aside partisanship, the Democrats refused.

Now we have 9/11: Do you remember Maureen Dowd? We entered a new world on 9/11 and she is nitpicking President Bush on 9/12. As we were ready to go into Afghanistan, there were protests. Where were the Liberal leaders?

Then someone in the White House read Peter Hopkirk's, The Great Game and understood how Afghanistan is not the place the fight Al-Queda It was an idea, that as a former democrat made sense: End a dictator, build a democracy in an area surrounded by Dictators and Monarchists. Take the Wayback Machine to 1990, New York City and I was protesting against President George H. W. Bush for not installing a Democracy in the Middle East

So, President George W. Bush, following the precedent of history in Afghanistan and following Wilsonian ideals as a way to defeat terrorism (and one of it's sponsors) endorses the Democrats 1990 ideals. Kumbaya, right? Wrong.

The Iraq war begets Daily Kos, Huffington Post and Code Pink. On almost every leftist Blog since Rush Limbaugh gave his speech, there have been two excuses:

1. "We expected President Bush to fail,"

2. "We'd support him, but..."

If you wrote or believed #1, then why didn't Democrats lift a finger to help Bush win his war and bring the troops home? If you wrote or believed #2, is that the attitude you have at work? "I'd do this job on the movie set, but I think the plot sucks," "I'd work on your computer but I think PC's suck," How fast would you be fired?

Once upon a time, Democrats believed in spreading Democracy -- when a Republican President signed onto the cause, the Democrats rejected that philosophy.

My question is this, given the historical precedent of "politics stops at the water's edge," what did you do to support the president at the water's edge? If you did not, how do you rid the world of a Dictator without a military force? Give a historical example using the UN showing how it is done.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Officer Crowley vs. Proffessor gates

unbelievable! Prof Gates has already said he will take the police dept to court - you know "for the least among us" (WAVES BS flag)
Officer Crowley was responding to a 911 call from another Harvard employee who told the police she knew the professor was away on a trip. The cops were trying to do their job. He should sue for slander - for those of you outside this area Officer Crowley teaches sensitivity and race relations classes, also there were two other officers on the scene one black, the other Hispanic both stand by officer Crowley.
The officers were responding to a 911 call - the woman said two black men had broken open the door (true - the prof said the door was jammed had to break it open)- the cops wanted to see some identification proving it was his home and to make sure everything was ok - around here it isn't a race thing it's a class thing and much like the president this professor is an elitist snob who thinks he above answering to the police. A 911 call in a wealthy neighborhood that has been having a lot break ins recently (INCLUDING Prof Gates own house!!),Could there have been someone hiding threatening the guy at the door, could there have been a restraining order and domestic violence... if he weren't "partly black"they would be saying the police were doing their job and the home owner was obnoxious.

The professor was a rude abusive jerk, a neighbor reported a crime and the police officers were responding to a citizen report. it is stupid to think in this day and age, that cops have nothing better to do than stop a person just cause they are black, give me a freaking break. they always gotta play the racial card, its stupid, we dont owe black or whites any special treatment, dont matter the color, and the fact that it happens , is human error, they dropped the charges so he wasnt harmed, he just got his panties in a wad and used the racial card, its bull!!!!!!!!!!! then Obama getting on tv and making the situation worse, that doesnt help moral in our police departments for sure, he should have stayed the heck out of it, turn that coin around if the guy had been white, do ya think Obama would have spoken about it on tv, i rather doubt it, .talk about being racial.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What was that Joe Biden said about patriotism?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sotomayor, Gates and Race

Soon-to-be-Justice Sonia Sotomayor has called herself "a product of affirmative action" who was "accepted rather readily into Princeton" despite test scores that were lower than those of more privileged classmates due to "cultural biases built into testing."

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., capitalizing on the avalanche of publicity he touched off by attributing to racism his July 16 arrest at his home by a white police officer, has declared that America is "racist" and "classist" and that "there haven't been fundamental structural changes in America.... The only black people who truly live in a post-racial world in America all live in a very nice house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

What Sotomayor and Gates share is a habit of drawing dubious lessons about race from their own experiences.
"Affirmative action" that may have helped her get into Princeton, and her admission was resoundingly vindicated by her stellar academic performance there."

That the problem with "equal opportunity" - does anybody think that, after a little help getting into Princeton, she made it the rest of the way on her own. That she was never given extra credits to keep up with whites
. Blacks have had a foot up for at least 45 years. It is time for all of us to be equal now. Either fish or cut bait. Cut out the 'my Granny was a slave' act. It's getting to be boring.