Saturday, July 18, 2009

Officer Crowley vs. Proffessor gates

unbelievable! Prof Gates has already said he will take the police dept to court - you know "for the least among us" (WAVES BS flag)
Officer Crowley was responding to a 911 call from another Harvard employee who told the police she knew the professor was away on a trip. The cops were trying to do their job. He should sue for slander - for those of you outside this area Officer Crowley teaches sensitivity and race relations classes, also there were two other officers on the scene one black, the other Hispanic both stand by officer Crowley.
The officers were responding to a 911 call - the woman said two black men had broken open the door (true - the prof said the door was jammed had to break it open)- the cops wanted to see some identification proving it was his home and to make sure everything was ok - around here it isn't a race thing it's a class thing and much like the president this professor is an elitist snob who thinks he above answering to the police. A 911 call in a wealthy neighborhood that has been having a lot break ins recently (INCLUDING Prof Gates own house!!),Could there have been someone hiding threatening the guy at the door, could there have been a restraining order and domestic violence... if he weren't "partly black"they would be saying the police were doing their job and the home owner was obnoxious.

The professor was a rude abusive jerk, a neighbor reported a crime and the police officers were responding to a citizen report. it is stupid to think in this day and age, that cops have nothing better to do than stop a person just cause they are black, give me a freaking break. they always gotta play the racial card, its stupid, we dont owe black or whites any special treatment, dont matter the color, and the fact that it happens , is human error, they dropped the charges so he wasnt harmed, he just got his panties in a wad and used the racial card, its bull!!!!!!!!!!! then Obama getting on tv and making the situation worse, that doesnt help moral in our police departments for sure, he should have stayed the heck out of it, turn that coin around if the guy had been white, do ya think Obama would have spoken about it on tv, i rather doubt it, .talk about being racial.

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