Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama junks Bush's European missile defense plan

Obama abruptly canceled a long-planned missile shield for Eastern Europe on Thursday, replacing a Bush-era project that was bitterly opposed by Russia with a plan he contended would better defend against a growing threat of Iranian missiles. The United States will no longer seek to erect a missile base and radar site in Poland and the Czech Republic, poised at Russia's hemline. That change is bound to please the Russians, but Europe is not the issue. The issue is keeping a larger missile defense system; one that can pre-empt missiles headed for our Eastern Seaboard, and also give advance warning. It's also about keeping trust with our allies who have been faithful.
Some reporters in the media have apparently not got it. The missile shield was NOT for Eastern Europe it WAS FOR the USA. It was to counter a, possibly near, future attack by Iranian ICBM's on the USA. The trajectory for ICBM's from Iran and heading for the USA would pass over Eastern Europe.
Is it coincidence that Russia announced that it would meet with General Electric (MSNBC) shortly there after? This man is selling us out. Started with Clinton selling out to China, now Zero with Russia.


  1. Here's a funny from the Facebook page of Scott Ott, the blogger who goes by the name of Scrappleface:

    Real Man of Genius: Today we salute you, Mr. Really Bad Nuclear Negotiator. You put our allies at risk of missile attack hoping that Russia will get tough with Iran. (Singer: It could really happen.) And you did it while Russia builds a nuke plant fo...r the Islamic Republic. (Singer: You wish upon a star.) Now Medvedev and Mahmoud know just what you're made of. (Singer: They know who wears the trousers.) So, crack open a new era of peace and prosperity Mr. Really Bad Nuclear Negotiator...and while you're at it, crack open a book on Neville Chamberlain. (Singer: Mr. Really Bad Nuclear Negotiator.)

  2. Yes Stone Thrower. Europe and the world were safe from attack because Bush wanted to deploy a missle defense system that didn't work. But as a proud right winger, you must have been happy that it would have cost millions or billions of dollars.

    I like the picture in the corner. At least you're showing some class for a deluded righty.

  3. There is no way you're deluded! You're exactly right... Obama is selling us out every day in every way he can think of.

    We have ACORN to thank for this guy. I will celebrate for a week when he's no longer in the White House!

  4. Yes ReDens is correct the only deluded one here is Truthless-101