Saturday, September 12, 2009

Okay, he doesn't lie. He just doesn't tell the truth. Is that better?

OK,here's the thing. What Obama says may be technically correct at the time he says it,but it's deceptive because there's either another plan down the road to over ride it or he knows the actual law won't play out as he states.Saying you can keep your doctor assumes the doctor won't quit if this plan goes through.You can keep your current plan..If you can afford the skyrocketing costs,that is.The plan won't cover illegals but don't worry,he'll legaize them at some point. The plan won't cover abortions but the money for them will come from a weird savings account set aside by the insured.This is not government run insurance but hey someone has to step in after insurance conpanies are out of business.It won't increase the deficit because the public option will increase premiums at will and you'll pay a fat fine either way.

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