Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Americans that are foreigners just don’t care.

Hard working Americans, who can't afford a night out at a Holiday Inn Express, are especially pissed off when they see their common President spend $50,000 a week and probably over a million in staff and security expenses, to give his family a taste of New England Lobster and ice-cream.
Honestly, it was a sweeping, off-the-cuff and snobbish remark directed at anyone who doesn't descend from a Patriot or other veteran who fought/fights for our Constitution and our freedom. As a historian, perhaps I have misplaced pride, even a sense of ownership in that respect. It has nothing to do with race or nationality, but placed value on generations of Americans that gave a damn and taught their kids to do the same. I didn't mean it figuratively. And I am told there are first generation immigrants, even illegals, who love this country as much as I do -- that's what I've heard. Sorry for the confusion.
As for wanting our cake, well, I've discovered I'm a pretty darn good cook and like variety at my own discretion rather than some half-baked, one-size-fits-all governmental sheet cake, vanilla. These titty-baby kid's we're raising are going to bury our Constitution with their own stupidity. If we don't get busy teaching them the value of the Constition, why it is there and how it has made us the most successful country on earth now, we will, indeed, repeat history. We'll go the way of the Romans, and it will happen fast.

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